This site includes my teaching philosophy, biography, information on my writing and research, and on the book An Emerald Earth, which I wrote with Felicia Norton, my wife. 

Teaching Philosophy

My hope is to encourage students to unfold their potentialities and to gain the fullest confidence that they can make a difference in the world around them.

Brief Biography

I teach leadership and sustainability studies at Hofstra University and write on the relationship between consciousness and sustainability issues, especially emphasizing the contribution of Sufi and Buddhist perspectives to these issues. My most recent articles appear in Resurgence Magazine, The Jung Journal, the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, World Futures, Systems Research, Human Relations, and Organizational Dynamics.  I served for a number of years as the head of the Spirituality and Systems Group of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. I am a senior teacher and retreat guide in the Inayati Sufi Order, and a leader in the Ziraat, a Sufi activity devoted to sacred ecology.

Professional Activities

Book and Magazine Publications

Article: Fresh Perception: Cultivating Intimacy with the Radiant Earth, with Felicia Norton, Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine September/October 2018.

Book: An Emerald Earth: Cultivating a Natural Spirituality, with Felicia Norton. ISBN: 978-0615235462 New York: Twoseasjoin Press, 2008 This is a book on applications of meditation and spiritual practice to everyday life.

Peer-Reviewed, Refereed Journal Articles

Toward the Source of Thought: Insights from David Bohm on a Sustainable Future by  Felicia Norton & Charles Smith  World Futures, ISSN: 0260-4027 (Print) 1556-1844 (Online) Journal homepage: https://www.tandfonline.com/loi/gwof20    https://doi.org/10.1080/02604027.2020.1730736

The Pattern in Jade: the vision of possibility and the challenge of a sustainable future. With Paul Martorana, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/02604027.2017.1357981, World Futures, pp. 1-12. Aug 2017

Cultivating the Sage’s Creative Vision: Insights from Perennial Wisdom on Approaching Organizational Change and Sustainability, with Paul Martorana, Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Volume 62, pp. 78-92, 2016.

Intimacy with The Earth–Insights from the Sufi and Jungian Alchemical Traditions on Transforming our Relationship with Matter, with Felicia Norton, Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche, C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. Volume 9, Number 4, pp. 58–75, 2015.

Embodying Evolutionary Vision: An Action-Based Experiment in Non-Dual Perception, with Felicia Norton, World Futures, Vol. 67, pp. 201-212, 2011.

Nature’s Longing for Beauty: Elegance as an Evolutionary Attractor, with Implications for Human Systems, World Futures, Vol. 66, pp. 504-510, 2010.

Working from the Inside Out: Management and Leadership Through the Lens of the Perennial Wisdom Tradition, Journal of Managerial Development, Vol. 26, #5, pp. 475-483. 2007

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“Leading Change: Insights from Jungian Interpretations of the Book of Job”, co-authored with Michael Elmes. Journal of Organizational Change Management. Volume 15, #5, 2002, pp. 448-460. This paper received Award of Distinction by Literati Club, 2002.

“Moved by the Spirit: Contextualizing Workplace Empowerment in American Spiritual Ideals”, co-authored with Michael Elmes. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Vol. 37, #1, March 2001, pp. 33-50.

“Small Groups as Self-Organizing Systems: A Research Study”, co-authored with Debra Comer. Human Relations, Vol. 47, #5, 1994, pp. 553-581.

“Small Groups as Self-Organizing Systems”, Human Relations, July, 1991. co-authored with Gary Gemmill, pp. 697-716.

“Deep Structure, Cognition and Rebirth: Propositions for Viability and Vitality in Human Systems” co-authored with Mahmoud Salem. World Futures, Vol. 28, 1990, pp. 1-19.

Self-Organization in Human Systems– A Paradigm of Ethics?”, Systems Research, Vol. 7, #4, 1990, pp. 237-244.

“Managing the Process of Large Scale Change”, Organizational Dynamics, Winter, 1987, pp. 22-35. Co-authored with Gloria Barczak and David Wilemon. Selected for reprint in Engineering Management Review, Vol. 16, #4, December, 1988, pp. 57-63.

“Transformation and Regeneration in Social Systems: A Dissipative Structure Perspective”, Systems Research, Winter, 1986, pp. 203-213.

“A Dissipative Model of Organization Transformation”, Co-authored with Gary Gemmill. Human Relations, August, 1985, pp. 751-766.

Proceedings and Other Publications

“Two Arrows Meeting in Mid-Air, Towards A Dialogue Between Science and The Sacred”. Paper appears in Proceedings of the International Society of the Systems Sciences Meeting, Shanghai, 2002.

“Encounter with the Self: Jungian Concepts Applied to the Problems of Humanity”, Proceedings of the International Society of Systems Sciences Meeting, July 2001, Monterey, CA.

“Krishnamurti and David Bohm: A Dialogue on the Future of Humanity”, International Society of Systems Sciences Meeting, July 2001, Monterey, CA.

“Not One, Not Two: An Exploration of Scientific Inquiry” Proceedings, International Society of System Systems Conference, July 2000.

“Passionate Inquiry in Science”, Proceedings of the International Society of Systems Sciences Meeting, 1999, Toronto Canada.

“Moved by the Spirit: Contextualizing Workplace Empowerment in American Spiritual Beliefs and Practices.” Paper Presented: Eastern Academy of Management, May 10-13, 2000. Co-authored with Michael Elmes

“Dump NAFTA and Let the US Worker Work”, The New York Times, Sunday, June 27, 1993. Business section, p. 11. (editorial letter).

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“Self-Organization in Human Systems- A Paradigm of Justice? Proceedings, Meeting of the International Society of Systems Sciences, Aug. 1990, Vol. 2, pp. 413-421., Portland, Oregon.

“The Role of a Radical Dissenter in Systems Transformation”, co-authored with Michael Elmes. Presented within the Organizational Development Division, 1989 Academy of Management National Meeting, August 1989. (Conference presentation).

“The Robotics Decision: Solving Strategic Problems”. 1989 Annual-Handbook for Group Facilitators, published by University Associates, January, 1989, pp. 89-99. Originally presented as a paper at the Eastern Academy of Management meeting, May, 1987.

“The Creative Organization: Lessons from Johann Sebastian Bach”. New Management, Fall, 1987, pp. 4-7. Originally presented as a paper at the Eastern Academy of Management meeting, May, 1987.

“A Process Model of Whole System Change in Organizations”, Presented within the Organizational Development Division, Academy of Management National Meeting, August, 1986. 

“Managing Change in High Technology Organizations”, co-authored with Gloria Barczak and David Wilemon. Vision-Action- Journal of the San Francisco Bay Area OD Network, Vol. 4, #3, March, 1985, pp. 1-7.


Invited reviewer, Human Relations and Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion.

Chairperson, Spirituality and Systems Special Interest Group of the International Society of Systems Sciences, 2000 to 2006



Recipient, Hofstra University Stessin Prize for outstanding faculty research and publication by a non-tenured faculty member, 1987.

Recipient, Hofstra University MBA Association Teacher of the Year, selected by student poll. 1992-1993.

Dean’s Award for Service to the Zarb School, 2005.

Award of Distinction, Literati Club, 2002, Emerald Publications, for the scholarly excellence of a published journal article.

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