An Emerald Earth

In all the great spiritual traditions, the reminder is continually being given that our journey on earth is very short, that we have a definite and unique purpose in the world, and that every moment is as a valuable gem, never to be wasted.

“An Emerald Earth” is a book written with my wife, Felicia Norton. Its focus is on the link between inner and outer life, between spirituality and our everyday life in the world. Both of us are very active in our lives– Felicia is the head of the International Ziraat Activity, a School of Sacred Ecology (, and also a professional dancer and teacher of dance at the United Nations International School.  Together we started the Light of Guidance Center for Sufi Studies in New York City, which is the New York Center of the Inayati Sufi Order.

With our outer activities, we have both come to realize that spiritual practice is essential for living life fully, with passion, balance and awareness of all gifts and opportunities that this precious existence can offer.

This book describes many meditation practices and also spiritual philosophies that we have studied, particularly within the Sufi and Buddhist traditions.

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