An Emerald Earth, by Felicia Norton and Charles Smith

An Emerald Earth is the home site for information about the vision of life expressed in the book An Emerald Earth. It also lists events and points to resources for those who wish to cultivate this vision.

The book An Emerald Earth draws upon the universal teachings of the Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan on the “natural self.” It likens the unfolding of our being with the process of cultivating a field or garden. Unfolding of the natural self brings us to An Emerald Earth—a life in harmony and deep resonance with nature and Her elements, receptive to and serving the Creative Beauty that ever seeks to unfold.  This practical guide incorporates basic meditation methods, rich teaching stories and poetry from Sufi, Buddhist and other spiritual traditions to describe a way of spiritual unfolding most relevant to our present age. Accenting our uniqueness, creativity and need for an ever fresh vision, An Emerald Earth affirms the infinite power of the heart. It points us towards an uplifted world and a joyous and fulfilling spirituality, rooted in service to life. 

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